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Phone (212) 631-7900   225 West 35th St   3rd Floor   New York, NY 10001-1904  

Spacious & Convienent

MMidtown Gynecology contains 3 examination rooms, a procedure room, and a comfortable reception area with guest Wi-Fi. All areas are wheelchair accessible. Our location is near Macy's and Penn Station, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan so you can take time from work and visit the office during the workday.

Examination Room This is especially convienent if you work near Midtown so instead of having to use your own time to visit the GYN you can take time out of your work day and have plenty of time left for yourself at the end of the day. However if you'd prefer to see the doctor in the evening, late appointments are available.

Dr. McDaniel is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience, delivering natural women's healthcare you can trust. She's a fully qualified OBGYN but currently focuses on GYN. For consultation & treatment, contact the office and schedule your next visit (see contact info on the right hand side of this page).

Reception Room We look forward to helping you with your healthcare issues. Most forms of insurance are accepted, and self pay via Visa, Mastercard and cash are welcome.



Reception Room


Contact Info

Flower Basket Midtown Gynecology
225 West 35th St 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001-1904

Fax (212) 736-6820
Phone (212) 631-7900

Email is only for scheduling: dr@midtowngyn.com
Please do not ask for medical advice in email
Office Hours
Mon9:00am - 5:45pm
Tue10:30am - 6:45pm
Wed10:30am - 6:45pm
Thu10:30am - 6:45pm
Fri10:30pm - 2:45pm

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225 West 35th St   3rd Floor   New York, NY 10001-1904   Phone (212) 631-7900
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